360 Salon and Spa - Hair  Nails  Massage  Skin Care
360 Spa Manicure                   $20 
                  With Gel  polish          $40 
- Treat your hands to our
 therapeutic hand scrub,
 moisturizing cuticle soak and nail grooming, to be followed by a hand and lower arm massage and
 exfoliation.  After this indulgence,
nail color of your choice will be applied.     (30 min) 
Buff and Polish                           $15
                            Fingers with Gel  $23
                             Toes with Gel      $33
 - Prefer to keep it simple and basic. Consists of buffing to perfect the shine and finish with or without your choice of polish. 
Add ons to the 360 Manicure:
French Manicure                          $10
Pink and White Acrylic $45
Acrylic Nails                      $40 Overlay                                 $30
Fill-In                                     $26 Back Fill                                $29  
360 Spa Pedicure                    $40 
           With Gel  Polish                 $63 
- Treat your feet in our therapeutic pedicure chair. This includes a foot soak, cuticle and nail grooming, exfoliation and a personalized massage. Then nail color of your choice is applied. 
Removal of Gel from toes  $10
Add ons to the 360 Pedicure:
French Pedicure                          $10
360 Spa Manicure and Pedicure combination                $55
Fingers with Gel              $75
Fingers & Toes with Gel $95